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So I'm still here. I'll post the highlights to avoid any lengthy bit of boredom.

1) I went jet skiing for the first time! The driving part wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. Too much like driving in a car with all the windows open, but...when I tipped over twice that was fun. :) The first time I was in the middle of the river and had to swim to the edge pulling the jetski behind me before I could tip it back upright. The second time I was already close to the edge so it wasn't difficult. Both times it was during a turn when plop!

2) I received my goodies from the author Tessa Gratton and her partner! Natalie sent me bookmarks for The Curiosities (awesome), postcards for Blood Magic, and Tessa's autograph to put inside any of her book covers.  Thank You!  I squeeed when I got it. :)

3) My A/C went out for twenty-four hours.  When you live in triple digit heat that's not a good thing.  But I survived by dripping cold water down my front and back and very loose clothes.  I also covered every window with blankets so it's a bit like living in a cave.  Adventuresome.

4)  I went to the Hard Rock Casino and saw a show.  It's titled Awesome Eighties Prom. It's an interactive show (which I had no clue before I went) where the ticket holders are a part of a prom and you have to vote for prom king and queen and watch the drama play out between the actors. There barely any chairs and tables and the actors pulled the audience on the dance floor.  I had to go twice. They played 80's music and dressed like characters from 80's movies.  A clone look-alike of Michael Jackson  ran out and performed.  That was super cool.  I got videos of it.  


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