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I missed half of Supernatural last night but since it was a repeat that's okay.  Cod and I went roller skating.  It was in the same old building I went to in jr/sr high school.  I even wore the same skates I wore then and they played the same music, I bet.  It was fun although I'm glad they had timeouts for games or couple skating so I could catch my breath.  I did get to watch two cute guys going around.  Since all I can do is go straight and make wide turns without falling I couldn't impress but it was funny.  I was surprised this morning I only have one blister in the bottom of my right foot.

I also saw someone friended me on twitter.  Since I haven't been on for almost two months that was a surprise.  I usually just check on authors and bands.  I had to look up my password and I have no idea who he is but the more the merrier.

I had a strange dream that someone was trying to run me over so I ran into a house through a secret door where the whole house was booby trapped but the owner and his two daughters helped me hide.  Very strange. 
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On the spur of the moment and with nothing in the house, as usual, i made a great dinner.  got compliments and everything.  scrambled three eggs with ham strips, stir fried it with chopped up broccoli and red cabbage, put on a little soy sauce, and served over steam rice.  Yummy.  

Cod never made it home until 7 p.m. cause of lock down.  Never did hear what caused it.
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part ten in Jonahpanics is posted.  They finally meet sortof.

I took advantage of Denny's free grand slam yesterday.  The line was long but surprisingly fast.  I ate around 11:30 then skipped dinner except for a bag of popcorn which I ate during Fringe.  Not really a good combination. 

Made Cod a sandwich today.  He likes peanut butter with honey with a cinamon/sugar mix sprinkled on top.  I thought my sweet  tooth was bad.
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I was sitting at a red light with Cod and we saw an ex-police car with all its bells and whistles stripped off.  He suggested that it could be used as an undercover police car since no one would suspect an actual policeman in a stripped black and white police car.  It could work.


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