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Okay, so I hope your not tired of looking at my dragons.  They're just so cool. btw part sixteen is posted. fyi for me.  Nothing new is happening. Same old same old. Except for the awesome story by Sam!



Mar. 4th, 2009 06:55 am
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Yay! Cricket is now back.  I can now return to my regular program limited schedule. 

I have been driving like a maniac this past weekend from one end of the city to the other over and over.  I got into Rush and been listening to these two songs A LOT.  I love his voice.  And the drums are AWESOME and the guitar ROCKS.  Though not at all what I pictured.  This is Rush - Tom Sawyer 4:32 This is Rush - Limelight (Gilded Cage) 4:28

I also, of course, spent too much.  Some of it necessity (books, what else, and other whatevers).  Got a brand new cool black jacket for $3 and jeans for $5.99 so not all bad. 
Trying to fight off this depression that I can't see ending for the next eight years.  Long story, complicated, too upset to think about but there are moments that lift me up.  Life just gets maudlin sometimes and apparently this is one of those times but it won't last.  I know from experience. 
To paraphrase: I'm sooooo tired
                             My mind is on the blink
                             I'm soooo tired
                             I think I'll have another drink.
I will end this on a happy note.  My story is coming along.  I have fanfic to look forward to reading.  There are comics waiting for me and Evolution II to be watched.  And somewhere money to be made.  Rock on!
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I received several birthday wishes from friends on LJ and some on Facebook.  Thank you so much! It made me feel pretty special!

I didn't do much. Went to Olive Garden and did get a check so that was cool.  I got a game of Trivia Pursuit but the catch was that it's edible.  It's the chocolate edition.  Apparently the host takes one chocolate out of the box, reads the 3 questions to player on the left, if answered correctly, the player wins and can eat it, if wrong it's returned to the box, and the next player reads the questions. Whoever wins the most also gets a bigger chocolate trophy. 
Normally I always want to play Clue.  There's a new edition that the suspects can die while the game's still going on so that's a neat twist.  But next time there will be chocolate!  It will need to be before my trip because I hate chocolate that melted then turned that powdery white and my house gets hot in the summer.  So future yummy :)
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The living soul has been reborn again
To share the knowledge it had ascertained
It came to take the sins away and then
To save the ready and the fixed ordained.

It's here to be the messenger of faith
And slung across its shoulder lies a harp
To use as for support just like a lathe
To all the wanderers that tend to carp.

And whosoever shall be bold enough
To kneel before the holy spirit form
Be not afraid for it will not be rough
The tears will stay hehind the fleeing storm.

The living soul has been reborn again
The mighty form that is and always been.

The waves collide
Grandly flaunting their power
To the meek and small.



Feb. 12th, 2009 09:17 am
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Okay here we go:

Phrase:   Ever stop to think....
                              then forget to start up again.

Joke 1:  Did February March?
                       No but April May.

Joke 2:  What did the snowman and the vampire name their baby?

   If you have 10:35 then watch this Weird Al  Yankovic's video entitled Stuck in the Drive Thru!

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part ten in Jonahpanics is posted.  They finally meet sortof.

I took advantage of Denny's free grand slam yesterday.  The line was long but surprisingly fast.  I ate around 11:30 then skipped dinner except for a bag of popcorn which I ate during Fringe.  Not really a good combination. 

Made Cod a sandwich today.  He likes peanut butter with honey with a cinamon/sugar mix sprinkled on top.  I thought my sweet  tooth was bad.
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So without spoiling: Supernatural was great. Naturally.  Very touching.  Now Jules wants a gilmore girls marathon.  we're on season six. 

I dreamed i had a wood sprite in the house who cleaned and brought me tea.  Sort of like Ianto but smaller and white hair.  very strange.

Open field of grass
Owner comes to groom the mane
Stable warm and fresh

Gracefully it flies
Sunlight flashing on its wings
Eyes searching for prey

African Lion
Head held with great pride
Eyes squinting against the sun
Resting for the hunt
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"I could love you if I just had the time.  But who could love me? I am out of my mind."  Panic

The desert life awakens by the light
The small white flowers blossom in the cracks
The lizards rush through bushes in their flight
The smooth dry snake spreads out to warm its back.
The spider comes for its mid-morning snack
The brittle limbs of trees reach toward the sky
The elf owl sit and search with eyes of black
The day ahead will show a creature die.
The desert has its mean; the mighty will get by.


part eight posted
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Yesterday I got ahold of a pass for two free tickets to the movies so the three of us went to the Palms and for $7.50 saw Bedtime Stories.  I am NOT a fan of Adam Shandler but the movie was good.  I like the idea of wonderful, strange things happening to everyday people. 

Now I'm hooked on  i have to stop listening to copperbadge though i'm afraid of that peanut butter soup.

Icons: In a world of crayonsbe...a marker.
            so  what do you do when not one song on your ipod can describe just exactly how you feel?
            music, it;s pretty much like candy.  you have to throw away the rappers.
            girls are like phones, they like to be held, talked to, and when you push the wrong buttons, you will get disconnected.
            i sniffed coke but the icecubes got stuck in my nose.
            the only  thing that should be seperated by color is laundry.
            your mom is so fat that when she weighed herself the scale said "to be continued".

Oh that's mean.  Just kidding:)
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part six posted

I'm in a blah mood.  with the holidays over (both good and bad) everythings a bit of a let down.  i'm left with a house i'm embarrased of and everyone off during god knows what.  i have though signed up with swaptree and already traded several books.  i have this large box of romances that somehow multiplied over time.  i  don't even read those.  i like supernatural, some fantasy, mysteries, and some horror.  it's great when you find a book  with several of those mixed in one.  some romance is fine but not when it's the only plot.
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Part five posted.

     Once upon a time, the unicorn met the elf.  Since the summer day was a lazy one, they instantly became friends and spent their time together.  As the days became weeks and the weeks to months, they had many chances to get to know each other.  The two  unlikely companions played through the daisies and watched the golden red sunsets in the cool evenings.
     But soon the weather turned frigid while the brittle leaves crunched beneath the feet.  Still the unicorn and elf stayed friends despite the attempts from their families to break them up for they believed the unicorn and the elf were not alike and could not possibly have anything in common.  
     Then men came to the forest hunting for meat.  When they came across the dazzling beauty of the unicorn, they knew they had to have her.  So they set up traps and nets to capture her.
     One bitter cold morning, the elf came to meet her at their regular spot.  He saw many pairs of footprints in the snow and dreaded to follow.  Not far from the spot, he saw his friend tied to a stake.  Disregarding his own safety, he rushed in to safe the unicorn.  With an effort that would've surprised him had he known, the elf pulled out the stake and the two ran back to safety.  

                                                                                 The End

    I found this among my old school papers and forgot I ever wrote it.

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Part three posted.

What does it mean when a full gallon of milk completely freezes in the fridge?
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Part two of the story is posted.

New thought:  I was mailing Christmas cards and realized how few there are compared to previous years.  It sort of depressed me.  Some of the reason was that relatives had passed on, some are that people had moved and lost touched, and some is because of emails.  Are Christmas cards going the way of the dodo bird?  I miss the small thrill of opening a letter in my hand and reading the written word.
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I'm undertaking a big task.  I started writing my novel again and started it over in my blog jonahpanics.  Take a look and I'm open to any suggestions and advice.  Please be honest but not brutal.  Hope you enjoy. :)


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