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fairy hello
Today is:
Learn What Your Name Means Day
National Be Heard Day
Cereal Day

My name is Hebrew in origin and means God is Gracious or Gracious Gift of God.  It can be found in the Bible.  It can also be written in hieroglyphics. Ta da:

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Happy New Year!!!

Drunk Penguin
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I recommend not ever watching Leaving Las Vegas with Nicholas Cage.  I fast forward most of it.  It was that bad.

I finished last night Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I wanted to know what all the fuss was about so I picked it up from the library.  omg, it was awesome!  I couldn't put it down to shower or anything until I had reached the end.  Jules asked me if I'm on the Peeta team or the Gale team.  *sigh*  even here there are teams?  At this point since most of the first book covered Peeta more I'm for him, but I hold that opinion until I finish the next two.  Can't want to read them! 

And here is a fantastic fantasy map from that I put for my wallpaper background.

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Who's bad!? :0)
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I've been working on my greek genealogy.  So far I have nine pages of scribbled notes. I started putting it in a format so I have 33 pages and 3700 words. I'm sure there's an easier way than I'm doing now, but since there's no deadline I only work now and then.  I'm quite proud of what is done so far.  But now I have to go back and get book info to cover myself.  lol.  oh well.  It keeps my brain from disolving into mush.


Jun. 27th, 2009 11:07 am
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                                                         THE MATRIX
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okay, last of the yummies.  But he's new to me so had to add Michael Sheen.


Jun. 19th, 2009 09:04 am
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I opened my fridge and wanted to run screaming into the night.  Instead I just closed the door.  I took a deep breath then plunged in.  I think the trash bag was breathing when I took it outside.  Okay, that was icky and very exaggerated but the point was made.  ewww.

I saw Big Bang Theory last night.  I can watch over and over and it will still be hilarious.  Some shows can be seen many times.  Supernaturals one of course.

I went and saw Terminator Salvation on Sunday.  It was good.  I was wondering if they'd refer to the television series which I watched but mostly it followed the previous movies.  The plot seemed simple and the action was really good.
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                           May the forces of evil get lost and confused on their way to you.

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My life is crapoloa, excuse my french.  I hear that if your tired, sick, and weak you're more open to attacks of many forms.  I betrayed and been betrayed and left with an empty shell.
I shall battle with a mummy play today and Supernatural tonight.  Sam battles Lillith or joins her.  I knows how he feels.
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ok, I filled my quota of faries.  I had some for everyday this week and I'm done for awhile.

Poor Sammy is a monster. Can he be saved?  The filming angle when they were confronting each other in the bedroom really threw me off.  What was that?  Next week is the season finale so anything can happen.  I know it will be a cliff hanger, but hopefully not as gut wrenching as last years finale.

My summer vacation may be altered again.  I may not get up to Maine, NY, and down the coast.  Maybe just Orlando though been there, done that.  It's still in the air.
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                                                Live, Love, and Learn

"We're the kind that gives people what they know they really need, not what we think they ought to want."
                                                                                        -Witches Abroad  


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