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So, last night...Jes needed to make an Australian dish for class.  He picked one off the internet and asked for my help.  This is the strangest recipe I ever saw. It's called the Wagon Wheel. There were no measurements of any kind, and we had to keep guessing. 

Jam   (we ended up using 12oz of Strawberry jam)
Milk chocolate (we used 240z choc chips)
Marshmallows (used 8oz minis)
Butter (one stick but it ended up being too much so maybe 1/2 stick)
Shortbread biscuits (one 13 oz package)
Step one: All good confectionary Pimps begin with the melting of the chocolate. Melting complete, the chocolate is poured into the baking dish and sent to chill in the freezer. (used a 9 inch round cake pan sprayed with cooking spray)
Step two: Show no mercy to the shortbread shorties… pulverise 'em and chuck in a mighty amount of melted butter, which, like the Force, binds the galaxy together.
Step three: The chocolate makes it out of the cooler and has a liberal layer of the biscuit mix piled on top. Precision here is key, the 5mm gap around the edge is vital. Once done, the dish is back in the freezer.
Step four: Stop! Mallow time! A bag of marshmallows is blasted in the micro until it has the consistency (and temperature) of molten lead and is then spooned on top of the biscuit base.
Step five: This is Jam Hot! Microwaved jam (like fruit-based napalm) is applied skilfully on top of the marshmallow.
Step six: We got a jam sandwich goin' on. The second layer of marshmallow is added.
Step seven: Pile on the rest of the biscuit mix.
Step eight: The whole thing is topped off with more chocolate to seal and then chilled again to set.
( I chilled overnite then used a knife to loosen along the edges and it just fell out when turned upside down.  It turned out really well but was a huge gooby gooey mess to make.I love how it said to skillfully apply the jam and melt like molten lead.  Never melted lead. Now mind I had to guess at how much to use but it seemed to work.  And of course, No Calories.  :{)  kidding)

Today is:
National Teacher Day
Respect for Chickens Day
Star Wars Day


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