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btw it was 102  here today and this story is fictional.

I met an old man sitting on a hill
He had his legs crossed and his palms face up
His eyes were closed and it seemed like he was sleeping.
I wanted to ask him for some wisdom
Wanted to ask about life and what's it all about
But I couldn't bring myself to disturb his peace
So I sat down next to him.
For a time I watched him for any signs of awareness
A few short minutes I waited and soon got bored.
There was nothing to do but to look around and listen
I noticed there were no buildings, no cars
I noticed there were no streams in the sky from passing planes.
There were clouds that seemed lazy
They just hung there reflecting golden rays of sunlight
Rays that glistened off the dew clinging to blades of grass
Grass tht carried the color of emeralds.
A bug landed upon my leg and I reached to wipe it from me
But I stopped as a thought crossed my mind
I was invading his home, not the other way around
So I watched it go over the hump of my knee
And saw a red shell surrounding no less then five black circles.
On such a small creature, such a small life
It flew off and I heard its wings buzz
But no other sounds reached my ears
Except for the sighing of the wind
A melody of music orchestrated by nature.
My eyes returned to the old man
And noticed his washed out watery eyes looking back at me.
I have him a brief smile and nod then stood.
Quietly I left the glen with all the answers
His wisdom passed to me through clouds, sun, wind, life, and peace.

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This is an excerpt taken from my report on black holes.  They fascinate me for the reason that they're so sci/fi but real.

     In a theoretical example, a space craft is arriving close to a black hole.  The first effect on the ship would be a weak gravitational pull.  The space ship's motion around the block hole would prevent it from falling in.  Instead, The ship orbits the hole like the moon around the earth.  If facing toward the hole, the pilot would not see anything.  He'd be in orbit around an invisible object.  But if the light rays from stars on the other side of the hole bend as they pass by the hole, he'd be able to detect its locations.  If the pilot went toward the black hole, his body would be stretched out into a cylinder since the gravitational force increases as an object approaches.  This tide is familiar with the moon's pull on the ocean.  Another tidal force would draw his shoulders together.  These forces would kill him even before he moved any closer to the black hole.
     But suppose the pilot did make it through the black hole.  Eventually, he'd enter the event horizon.  It's radius is 2.95 kilometers times the mass of the hole in solar masses.  If the hole was ten solar masses, it'd be thirty kilometers in radius or sixty kilometers across.  To escape, the pilot would have to exceed the speed of light.  He can never return to the outside world.  Once inside the black hole, the pilot would be pulled to the center.  As he nears, the tidal forces increase, and the pilot would be crushed.  In a ten-solar mass hole, it'd take only sixty-four millionths of a second after he had entered the horizon.  Say, though, that once again he survived the tidal forces, he would then be pulled toward the singularity.  There the theory of gravity does not work anymore since gravity can no longer be measured.

I received a 150/150 on this project.  I was so proud. :)   It's 35 pages long with hand drawn illustrations (2 pages) and physics equations that were way beyond me.  Here's my last paragraph.

     In the last few years, new observing devices have revealed a host of new wonders including pulsars, quasars, and even the "glow" from the primordial fireball.  Not even the wildest dreams of generations gone before have conjured up such concepts - not even the Greeks who created Zeus hurling thunderbolts; and the Icelanders who had their Ymir, the giant whose skull became the sky, his bones the rocks of the earth, and his blood the sea.

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·              Andrew and Julian Scott entered the Federal Intelligence Agency building.  The renowned man and wife team headed  toward the core of the complex where their chief was expecting them.  They walked past offices and file store rooms which were used only for show.  The elevator operator held the door open for the detectives, ready to take them down five levels to the main floor.  He studied the couple intently and noticed that they had changed very little since ten years ago.·        
     "Glad to see ya."  His gruff voice grated in their ears. "Youlook good,Mrs.Scott."
     "Thanks, Ralph.  So do you."
     "Anniversary comin' up.  Should buy you a binocular."
     "No thanks, Ralph," declined Andrew.  "I'm not a spy anymore.  I'm into martial art weapons and Julian study files."
     "Oh well, good luck."

     They departed from the elevator and looked about them for the FIA's chief.  Sam Barkely turned a corner and stretched out his hand in greeting.  His muscles, which contrasted greatly with Andrew's, threatened to tear the seams of his shirt.  But despite his great size, he gently took Julian's hand in friendship.  Then he lead them past more offices and storerooms that bustled with FIA men and women who frantically tried to decipher German and Soviet codes.

     The FIA's chief unlocked the massive door to his office for the Scotts with his electronic key.  The room behind the portal was impressive.  Fresh pine and oak drifted out to entice them into comfort and luxury.  Chairs, made to seat two, faced toward the fireplace where the pop and crackle of the wood filled the air.  Book-lined walls surrounded them and a dark mahogany desk was littered with classic literature.

     Although Julian and Andrew had stood in the room dozens of times, it never stopped amazing them how that room could be a part of the dirty white in the rest of the building.  Andrew closed his mouth, then sat on a leather chair imported from Europe.  Julian chose the swivel chair at the desk.

     Mr. Barkley, enjoying their astonished looks, cleared his throat and started the meeting.  "Last week we have had the fortune to capture the Mafia leader, Don Fernando."

     "The boss man, himself," Andrew muttered.

     "As you know," Sam continued, "we've been after him for years.  One of our new agents had him under surveillance.  Things came about that gave him the opportunity, and he nabbed Fernando.  At this moment, he's sulking in our top security cell."

     "Lucky break." 

     Suddenly, the lamp sitting upon the mantelpiece turned on. The eerie glow caught Sam's attention. He immediately crossed the room. From inside the desk, he pulled out a .357 revolver. He checked the ammunition barrel, nodded his head in satisfaction, then left quickly. 

     Meanwhile, Julian and Andrew sat back. They knew not to get in Barkley's way when something was up. Andrew still had a scar on his hand from the last time he had tempted to stop him. So Andrew leaned back in the large leather chair, his feet resting against the bricks of the fireplace. Julian poured him a double whiskey. She smoothed back his blond hair, letting her fingers linger a moment. Then she ambled over to the desk and sat on the top.  

     Several minutes went by with no return from Barkley. They listened for any noise which might give them a clue to what had happened, but the walls blocked out all the sounds of turmoil that could be a signal something was amiss in the corridor. Julian raised her hand and placed the tip of her index finger in her mouth. Thinking the better of it, she let her hand fall and clicked her long nails against the desk top instead. 

     "I'm nervous," revealed Julian. 

     "Don't be. It's probably a fluke in the system." 

     Instantly, a muffled alarm penetrated the air. Julian stood. She motioned Andrew to say where he was. Then she was gone, leaving the door unlocked in case of a hurried return. Andrew strolled over to the desk. He needed a distraction which the books could provide, but he also knew that Barkley kept his weapons inside the drawers. He picked up The Scarlett Letter and began to read. 

     Five pages and ten minutes later, the click of the door handle made Andrew place his book down. Reaching inside the desk, he wrapped his fingers around the first thing  they located. The silver bayonet had been Barkley's prize possession for years. Andrew often marveled why he valued it so highly, but now he didn't have the time to contemplate. He moved to stand before the door. Ready to defend himself against any attacker, he watched the door as it slowly and cautiously opened. 

     The first form to appear was slim and petite. Long blonde hair hung down the straight back. The face, normally smooth and unlined, was creased. Worry and fear shone in her eyes when Julian noticed Andrew. Her breath caught as she thought of the second figure behind her. 

     The man was of great weight and size. He stood pointing a 9mm Walther revolver at Andrew's chest. His squinting eyes half concealed the demonic gleam in his eyes, but the twisted smile painted on his face clearly revealed his thoughts. Andrew hid the bayonet behind his back. He knew it didn't matter if the weapon was concealed or not but Andrew felt much better if the man didn't know. 

     "The boss man, himself," Andrew muttered. 

     Don Fernando edged up closer to Julian. He placed his sweaty fingers around her arm, but kept the revolver aimed at Andrew. "You must be Andrew Scott. I heard you're good friends with Sam. That's a shame." 


     "Because now I can use you as bait. We've been rivals for years. I finally got the chance to finish him off." 

     "I'm not doing your dirty work." 

     "No need. Your pretty wife will do just fine." 

     Julian pulled Julian closer to him. Andrew instinctively reacted by bringing his arm from behind. The eerie red light struck the metal object as it flew through the air. Julian froze. Don Fernando grunted. A puzzled expression showed on his face which became paler as the seconds passed. His hand went to his stomach and red seeped through his fingers. Fernando fell, gasped, then died. 

     Andrew moved to Julian. She embraced him and her eyes glistened as the realization of what had occurred came to her. Sam Barkley put a gentle hand on her shoulder. He looked about him and read the signs of the fight. 

     "Sorry I wasn't here to help. The lamp was a signal that a prisoner had escaped. They usually leave by the back entrance or a side window. Never have they come down here. But with Mr. Fernando, I should have known. I'm sorry." 

     "It's alright. It's over now. You'll have no more worries from him."




                         The End.

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Part five posted.

     Once upon a time, the unicorn met the elf.  Since the summer day was a lazy one, they instantly became friends and spent their time together.  As the days became weeks and the weeks to months, they had many chances to get to know each other.  The two  unlikely companions played through the daisies and watched the golden red sunsets in the cool evenings.
     But soon the weather turned frigid while the brittle leaves crunched beneath the feet.  Still the unicorn and elf stayed friends despite the attempts from their families to break them up for they believed the unicorn and the elf were not alike and could not possibly have anything in common.  
     Then men came to the forest hunting for meat.  When they came across the dazzling beauty of the unicorn, they knew they had to have her.  So they set up traps and nets to capture her.
     One bitter cold morning, the elf came to meet her at their regular spot.  He saw many pairs of footprints in the snow and dreaded to follow.  Not far from the spot, he saw his friend tied to a stake.  Disregarding his own safety, he rushed in to safe the unicorn.  With an effort that would've surprised him had he known, the elf pulled out the stake and the two ran back to safety.  

                                                                                 The End

    I found this among my old school papers and forgot I ever wrote it.

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     Ray Campell and Charley Hughes sat at the small, wooden table.  Their faces were only illuminated by the red light which hung from the ceiling.  The room smelled of stale whiskey.  Charley leaned back and lit a cigarette.
     Charley Hughes had always been the quiet type.  Tall and stern, he had taken leadership by looks alone.  But to the surprise of many, his intellect was that of a genius.  He lowered his cigarette and peered at Ray.
     Ray Cambell was of average height, average weight, and average built.  That's why he wanted to do this job.  He figured if he pulled it off, he'd be above average.  And working with Charley had to put him on a higher level.
     Charley brought the meeting to order.  "You know why I called you here today.  The job we planned for months is finally going to come about.  I've figured that we don't have to wear a disguise, just be normal.  At one o'clock we meet at the corner of Flamingo and Langley.  I'll bring the car."
     Charley got up to leave.  He started for the door, but turned as he was about to open it.  "Don't forget the guns."
     Ray was left sitting in the dim light.  His long blondish hair fell into his eyes as he downed another shot of whiskey.  He coughed weakly then stood up to stretch his legs.  He walked over to a small metal box which was securly locked.  He tapped it thoughtfully as he started to think of Charley.  He had known Charley for fifteen years now.  Their fathers had been good friends, and Charley was there for him when his died.  He helped Ray through all the bad times but not once talked about his personnel life.  Ray was the talker while Charley liked to listen.
     Ray picked up the metal box.  He placed his favorite blue baseball cap on then left the room.  He arrived at Flamingo and Langley fifteen minutes early.  But Charley was already there, as usual Charley was first.  Together they waited for one o'clock to arrive then they walked to the First National State Bank.
     The building was empty except for the tellers, a security guard, and a young couple beginning their first loan.  The two men entered; Ray was a little nervous.  The lock on the metal box was missing.  Charley walked up to a lady teller and handed her a note.  Ray studied the security guard.  The teller calmly laid the note down and turned toward the new TI computer.  After a couple of moments passed, she turned back to the two bandits.  "Your money is being brought out now by my assistant."
     The security guard wandered over.  Charley was watching him when he heard a scream.  It came from behind the counter.  "Help, police! Robbers!"
     All the tellers fell to the floor as the security guard pulled out his gun.  Ray opened the metal box and brought out two .22 self-load Berettas.  The air filled with gun shots.  Charley grabbed the bag of money and headed for the door.  Ray followed, turning his head to catch a sight of the guard.  Charley heard more shots then turned to see Ray trip over a misplaced leather purse.  He rushed back to help him up.
     "Get up, Ray.  Get up or we're done for."
     Ray didn't move.  "Ray, get up.  Ray?  Ray!"
     Charley leaned over to detect any sign of life, but there wasn't any.  "Ray," he cried.  "Why, Ray, why?"
     The security guard picked up the guns Charley had forgotten.  He motioned a teller to call the police as Charley fingered a blue baseball cap.  It was the first time he ever cried.
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    The world rotates on an axle around the sun and stars.  The moon travels around the earth.  All together it takes 24 hours for an entire day.  But one day the lady moon never wanted to go down.  The sun shone its face, but the moon just didn't leave the sky.  Nobody thought it irregular at first.  Time went on developing into weeks and months.
     A geologist, by the name of Ralph, was in his lab one night.  He noticed a large cluster of rocks that looked as if they were glued together.  Ralph thought that was very peculiar.  He studied it for awhile.  He then began to watch to see if it would move.  It never would!  That's when he made his biggest discovery.
     Ralph watched this clump of rocks for a long time.  Little by little pieces would come off and soon there was a small asteroid field.  Ralph watch this, and the sun, and the moon if he could find it, and that's when he found that that clump of rocks was the moon.  Now Ralph was a small man and not very smart, but he had the sense to tell his union.  His union told theirs.  Theirs told the Air Force.  The Air Force told the Senate, and the Senate told the President of the United States.  Soon it was on the news and in the newspapers.  People were trembling and everyone stayed at home.  What to do!  What to do!  Ralph knew what to do.
     Aiming the world's largest lasar cannon at the small cluster of asteroids, Ralph fired a small, fierce beam of light.  That beam of light gently pushed the asteroid a further bit back into space.  There it remained until the rest of its life.  And the earth!  Well, the earth did just fine without the moon.  Just that it was darker at night and for some reason werewolfs seem to have disappeared.
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     The archaeologist picked up the skull with extreme care.  Time has preserved the head for thousands of years.  It would not be well if he destroyed it now.  He looked at it with interest then handed the ancient artifact to his partner, the anthropologist.  The geographer knelt down to examine the rich soil of the cave's floor.  The astrologer let out a small yelp.  They all rushed out to see what had excited the man.  He was pointing upwards to a large cluster of stars while he was searching in his pockets for a notebook.  The unknown philosopher was thinking of the stars existence, and the zoologist was on his hands and knees looking at a dragonfly whose wing was broken.  The historian was standing beside the anthropologist taking down notes.  The photographer ran back and forth between them all snapping their pictures while the psychologist calmly leaned on a tree studying them all.
     The archaeologist returned back to the cave in search of a golden medallion which he had found under piles of dirt and dust.  The anthropologist returned with him to look for more skulls or bones from a skeleton.  The geographer went into the cave to study the layout of the cave's floor.  The big astrologer finally found his notebook but couldn't find a pen.  He went into the cave to ask the philosopher who was watching the zoologist.  The zoologist was still on his hands and knees watching a bug which crawled in the cave and down a tunnel.  The historian was standing by the anthropologist and writing down whatever he felt like to write down.  The photographer was still taking everyone's picture with an occasional cave wall.  The psychologist was still leaning on a tree watching them all.  When the cave's ceiling fell down upon all the men, the psychologist calmly took out his pipe and lit it.


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