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Last night I went to another play.  It won the competition which goal was to foster new playwrights.  The title is Great Western Wanderlust by Eric Eberwein.  I had my doubts especially when I first saw the stage, but I was surprised.  The story is about a couple who gets on a train in Illinois for some adventure and end up in California after meeting a few characters.  The couple's plan was to liven up their marriage but ended up breaking up.  Despite the theme it was a funny play.  The acting was great by everyone.  One of the minors I thought could have stolen the show if she had a little bigger part.  There was no intermission but it didn't need one.  To me intermissions tend to break the flow anyway. 
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I have this technique to relax where I start with my toes, flex the muscles, relax, and work my way up.  This also helps to clear my mind.  The problem is if I'm in a too comfortable position I tend to fall asleep which I don't always want to do.  Last night I ended up taking a two hour nap, but it was a good thing because I had a monster headache in my right temple and behind my eye.

I woke up with just enough time for a sandwich and then went to a play.  It was You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  It was one of the best I saw in a long time.  There's a line where Charlie said, "I had a terrible day, I can't wait until tomorrow."  Linus replies, In some parts of the world it already is tomorrow. That means you can't have a better tomorrow because it's already here.   Poor Charlie Brown. 

Today I went to this church with a group of people and we heard a southern gospel group called Blackwood Legacy.  They were very good and very funny.  The tenor had won 3 Grammys (for real) but he joked two were on his fathers side and one on his mothers.  The comments just went back and forth between the three of them fast.  The youngest is 22 and played the piano like a fiend.  I had to get a CD of his piano pieces and guitar rhythm. 

I felt weird with my Idiot Guide to Paganism book near me.  I'm not into worshipping a goddess or anything but the premise intrigues me.  The peace and connecting to nature and all of that.  I've been doing a lot of research.  But I feel a bit pulled by the family, you know?  But my mother has seen a spirit, and my brother has heard voices, and I've seen things and felt cold in certain spots so....

I'm also at this point where I just want to chuck my whole story I'm trying to write out the window.  I think my mind is buzzing too much now and I still have dinner plans out with the family tonight.   
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Last night I went to another play.  This was Titanic.  It was not the movie nor the musical.  It was about a dysfunctional family aboard the ship.  It was very risque.  When the captain walks around with a dildo on his head you get the idea.  The theatre was very small. Only four rows.  I sat in the front and if I had stretched my foot out I could have been on stage.  The lead actress was terrible.  She yelled all her lines and over dramatized.  The others were fairly good.  Someday I'll actually see one that's good.  The best I've seen in a long time was Wizard of Oz where the witch was thrown in a cauldron and melted.  She popped up and was a little girl then popped up as a Barbie.  That was funny.  It was based on the book not the movie so had dancing jitter bugs.  I remember the scarecrow was cute but I always liked him the best.
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So last night I went to a play titled Zombie Prom.  It was put on by local high school students.  It was a musical where a girl falls in love with the bad boy and has to break it off because her parents and teacher pressured her.  So the boy commits suicide by jumping into the nuclear waste and then comes back to the school as a zombie.  The play was over all very well done. The band was live and constantly played throughout the performance and had a bad knack of playing over the spoken parts.  Also there was a scene where the lead girl was in a nightgown and she showed the bottom of her feet which were filthy.  (AH, couldn't she have worn houseshoes or socks or something. gross.)  There were some areas that were a bit lewd and some kissing and the students in the audience started acting up.  I started thinking 'if this gets you riled just read some of the facfic that's out there'.

breakfast = fritos and apple juice. yummy.

I woke at 5:45 today and my list is DRIVE.  all day. pick ups and drop offs.  I should change out my cds.
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So last Friday I went to see a play entitled House of Blue Leaves. OMG! Awful.  The acting was fairly good but the script left something to be desired.  It didn't help with the audience.  There was a man in front of me who kept snoring.  There was a man a few rows back who guffawed so hard people where turning to see who it was and he did it all the time even when there was no joke intended.  The worse was the lady right next to me who pushed my arm off the armrest and kept it for herself.  AND she smacked her gum so loud she sounded like a cow.  I was hoping during intermission she'd threw it away but no!!  I had to lean forward and hurt my back. 

Valentines day was spent cleaning my house for someone's elses' party.  figures.  But now only one room is dirty (a bedroom) so alls fine.  Then I went to the library and stopped at Wendy's.  I went through drive-in and had learned long time ago to check the order.  They forgot my sandwich so had to go in but I did get a free large soda because of it.  So I got a present! Cool!


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