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I love, love this song!

movie time

Jul. 12th, 2009 08:17 am
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Yesterday was packed.  I ran a 2-mile interval.  I helped clean out the aquatic turtle tank and washed the dishes.  I mad an actual dinner, so to speak. It was then time for movies and rootbeer floats.  There were four movies, one rootbeer float.  They were American Graffiti, While You Were Sleeping, Labryinth, and Chicago. The Labyrinth trailer  1:21 The Labryinth  Ball Scene ( my favorite part of the movie) 3:20   American Graffiti - Original Trailer 1973  1:37
  "All That Jazz" Montage 4:32

Now I have musicals running through my head. 
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I was cutting the rug
Down at a place called The Jug
With a girl named Linda Lu
When in walked a man
With a gun in his hand
And he was looking for you know who.
He said, "Hey there fellow,
With the hair colored yellow,
Watcha tryin' to prove?
'Cause that's my woman there
And I'm a man who cares
And this might be all for you."

I was scared and fearing for my life.
I was shakin' like a leaf on a tree.
'Cause he was lean, mean,
Big and bad, Lord,
Pointin' that gun at me.
I said, "Wait a minute, mister,
I didn't even kiss her.
Don't want no trouble with you.
And I know you don't owe me
But I wish you'd let me
Ask one favor from you."

"Won't you give me three steps,
Gimme three steps mister,
Gimme three steps towards the door?
Gimme three steps
Gimme three steps mister,
And you'll never see me no more."

Well the crowd cleared away
And I began to pray
As the water fell on the floor.
And I'm telling you son,
Well, it ain't no fun
Staring straight down a forty-four.
Well he turned and screamed at Linda Lu
And that's the break I was looking for.
And you could hear me screaming a mile away
As I was headed out towards the door. 4:49
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Ter linked me up to this link where Link sings We Are The Champions to celebrate 20 years of Zelda.  It's LOLs.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] vivichick   You go, GIrl.   Wish you the best and know you'll knock the town down with your play. :0) Birthday song!
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Went to another free concert in the park.  This was at an amphitheater with a horseshoe grass ring around the stage.  It was Jazz featuring Delfeayo Marsalis.  It's about the only time I listen to jazz is live.  It was so nice.  Lay back on a blanket, watch the clouds float by, feel the cool breeze on my skin, and hear the notes waft through the air.

So in honor of jazz here's a link with video to the Original Pink Panther by Henry Mancini 3:11

And Louis Armstrong -What a Wonder World  2:21 (Beautiful pics in this one.)
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Saturday nite I went to a free event in the park called "taste and tunes".  Only thing I tasted was a strawberry smoothie.  I heard a couple bands.  One was really good called the Stoney Curtis Band.  The leader played some awesome guitar solos.  To see them play check out the link.  Last Train to Chicago, I believe, is one of their main songs.

Sunday I went to Lowes and purchased a washer and dryer.  My dryer broke over a week ago  It would tumble with no heat.  My washer would stop in the middle of a wash unless I hit the top right of the lid.  They're located in the garage; sometime I wouldn't catch it, and the clothes would sit in the wash water for hours.  So today I plan on cleaning that quarter of the garage.  I need to move all the junk and throw stuff out and move the piles of dirty clothes.  The new ones should arrive Tuesday.  And yes, it hurt my wallet big time.

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I recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone, yeah
I recommend walking around naked in your living room, yeah

Swallow it down ( what a jagged little pill )
It feels so good ( swimming in your stomach )
Wait until the dust settles

You live you learn
You love you learn
You cry you learn
You lose you learn
You bleed you learn
You scream you learn

I recommend biting off more than you can chew to anyone
I certainly do
I recommend sticking your foot in your mouth at any time
Feel free

Throw it down ( the caution blocks you from the wind )
Hold it up ( to the rays )
You wait and see when the smoke clear


Wear it out ( the way a three-year-old would do )
Melt it down ( you're gonna have to eventually anyway )
The fire trucks are coming up around the bend


You grieve you learn
You choke you learn
You laugh you learn
You choose you learn
You pray you learn
You ask you learn
You live you learn  You Learn 3:59

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Oh Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. How low will you go?  He's really in deep with that demon blood.  It was hard to watch, especially with my really bad headache, but Dean will save the day.  I hope.

Thanks to comingin2day for posting for me the video by Gloria Gaynor 5:49

Lyrics to I Am What I Am :
I am what I am
I am my own special creation
So come take a look
Give me the hook or the ovation
It's my world
That I want to have a little pride in
My world
And it's not a place I have to hide in
Life's not worth a damn
Till you can say
I am what I am

I am what I am
I don't want praise I don't want pity
I bang my own drum
Some think it's noise I think it's pretty
And so what if I love each sparkle and each bangle
Why not try to see things from a different angle
Your life is a sham
Till you can shout out
I am what I am

I am what I am
And what I am needs no excuses
I deal my own deck
Sometimes the aces sometimes the deuces
It's one life and there's no return and no deposit
One life so it's time to open up your closet
Life's not worth a damn till you can shout out
I am what I am.

This song is so awesome.  Don't know why but I must have heard it a dozen times now.
And I did try Good Doctor to hide the link but I'm terribly hopeless.  I'll keep at it.
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I am in a very odd mood.  Here's a gift.  He's a river model.

Here's also Peter Schilling - Major Tom (12" single) so 8:21.  No real video to watch but love the song.

And my tea tastes like metal.  And More Dragons.

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Wake up everyone
How can you sleep at a time like this
Unless the dreamer is the real you

Listen to your voice
The one that tells you to taste past the tip of your tongue
Lip and the neck will appear

I don't want to wake before
The dream is over
I'm gonna make it mine
Yes, I, I'm gonna own it

I keep my life on a heavy rotation
Requesting that it's lifting you up, up, up and away
And over to a table at the gratitude cafe

And I am finally there
And all the angels got me singing
Ah la la la, Ah la la la, Ah la la la la love this

I don't want to break before
The tour is over
I'm gonna make it mine
That's why i'm gonna own it

And timing's everything
And this time, there's plenty
I am balancing
Careful and steady
And reveling in energy that everyone's emitting

Well I don't want to wait no more
No, I want to celebrate the whole world
I'm gonna make it mine
Because I'm following your joy
I'm gonna make it mine
Because I, I am open
I'm gonna make it mine
Because I, I'm gonna show it
Yeah, I'm gonna make it, it mine
Gonna make, gonna make, gonna make, gonna make it, make it mine Jason's video 3:08
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I've been meaning to post this for a while now so:   kt tunstall - Suddenly I See 3:18

Great song. Cute video.


Mar. 4th, 2009 06:55 am
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Yay! Cricket is now back.  I can now return to my regular program limited schedule. 

I have been driving like a maniac this past weekend from one end of the city to the other over and over.  I got into Rush and been listening to these two songs A LOT.  I love his voice.  And the drums are AWESOME and the guitar ROCKS.  Though not at all what I pictured.  This is Rush - Tom Sawyer 4:32 This is Rush - Limelight (Gilded Cage) 4:28

I also, of course, spent too much.  Some of it necessity (books, what else, and other whatevers).  Got a brand new cool black jacket for $3 and jeans for $5.99 so not all bad. 
Trying to fight off this depression that I can't see ending for the next eight years.  Long story, complicated, too upset to think about but there are moments that lift me up.  Life just gets maudlin sometimes and apparently this is one of those times but it won't last.  I know from experience. 
To paraphrase: I'm sooooo tired
                             My mind is on the blink
                             I'm soooo tired
                             I think I'll have another drink.
I will end this on a happy note.  My story is coming along.  I have fanfic to look forward to reading.  There are comics waiting for me and Evolution II to be watched.  And somewhere money to be made.  Rock on!


Feb. 12th, 2009 09:17 am
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Okay here we go:

Phrase:   Ever stop to think....
                              then forget to start up again.

Joke 1:  Did February March?
                       No but April May.

Joke 2:  What did the snowman and the vampire name their baby?

   If you have 10:35 then watch this Weird Al  Yankovic's video entitled Stuck in the Drive Thru!

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This is from Outlander by Diane Gabaldon.  Excellent Book!!!!!!!!   Beautiful music!!!!


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