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 I'm sorry I forgot about you Dreamwidth.  :( 
Nobody reads this anyways.
Things are basically the same execpt that:
I have a new job working in a library.  That's pretty awesome.
I'm still pretty lonely.  That's bearable.
and that's it.
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I love, love this song!
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Jules is in New York.  I'm very nervous about her.  She said she has stocked up on Cheetos, Ramen, and candles so she has the essentials. 
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So I'm still here. I'll post the highlights to avoid any lengthy bit of boredom.

1) I went jet skiing for the first time! The driving part wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. Too much like driving in a car with all the windows open, but...when I tipped over twice that was fun. :) The first time I was in the middle of the river and had to swim to the edge pulling the jetski behind me before I could tip it back upright. The second time I was already close to the edge so it wasn't difficult. Both times it was during a turn when plop!

2) I received my goodies from the author Tessa Gratton and her partner! Natalie sent me bookmarks for The Curiosities (awesome), postcards for Blood Magic, and Tessa's autograph to put inside any of her book covers.  Thank You!  I squeeed when I got it. :)

3) My A/C went out for twenty-four hours.  When you live in triple digit heat that's not a good thing.  But I survived by dripping cold water down my front and back and very loose clothes.  I also covered every window with blankets so it's a bit like living in a cave.  Adventuresome.

4)  I went to the Hard Rock Casino and saw a show.  It's titled Awesome Eighties Prom. It's an interactive show (which I had no clue before I went) where the ticket holders are a part of a prom and you have to vote for prom king and queen and watch the drama play out between the actors. There barely any chairs and tables and the actors pulled the audience on the dance floor.  I had to go twice. They played 80's music and dressed like characters from 80's movies.  A clone look-alike of Michael Jackson  ran out and performed.  That was super cool.  I got videos of it.  
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She sped down the road
Past the state cop
Who didn’t seem to care
Didn’t make her stop.

She zoomed down the lane
Past the yellow eyed dog
Who was too lazy to bark
And slept like a log.

Rushed by the pond
No fishermen did see
He was tying up a fly
Leaning on a willow tree.

He was making a wish
And trusting on luck
To finally catch the big one
Hiding in the dark muck.

She flew by the church
Which sat on a hill
A place for funerals or to wed
But the air there was still.

No notice of the park
Music in the air
She missed the gazebo
And the band playing there.

The people were gathered
Beneath the oak trees
Enjoying their dinner
Waving away the honey bees.

She looked straight ahead
Eyes on the road
Never saw the sun set
Colors of red and gold.

She lived like she drove
All furious and fast
Missed the peace and beauty
No time to make it last.

She should’ve slowed down
To take the time
To see the world around her
Maybe read a good rhyme.


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fairy hello
Today is:
Learn What Your Name Means Day
National Be Heard Day
Cereal Day

My name is Hebrew in origin and means God is Gracious or Gracious Gift of God.  It can be found in the Bible.  It can also be written in hieroglyphics. Ta da:

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I picked up a book in my collection to read.  It was printed in 1956 and titled The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner.  The point being is that I love to pick up used books for when I opened the cover I found this gem inside. 

I love when I find a treasure from the past.  The inscription written a long time ago reads:

Hey Felice, Hey Felice
To you, joy, to you, happiness, to you, creativity it will be.  I see it there and I am so glad that you are the friend, the friend of friends ( Ah so, even!) I am saying to you, you are the wine of life to people, red and warm, full rich and mellow, sparkling in laughter and it makes me so glad.  Happy Birthday in the 20th year of good being!

This was in my den for years and I saw it two days ago.  Makes me wonder who these people were and what happened to them.  I hope they turned out happy and well.  I will keep this book safe in honor of they who loved reading like I do.
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As the sun went down
From the blazing sky
I laid my love down
And watched her die.
We spent our lives
Wandering meadows wide
Over vast mountain tops
And riding the sea tide.
We conversed with strangers
Who soon were not
Leaving behind a friend
In each and every spot.
We slept in castles
And huts as well
Each one was our home
Until the next night fell.
Our days were numbered
But we filled them each
Full of music and laughter
And love within our reach.
We soon grew old
My love and I
It was time to settle
Under that sunny sky.
I laid her to rest
Under a blooming pink tree
My spot beside her
Already waiting for me.
It won’t be long
Until we once again roam
Exploring the new wonders
Of our heavenly home.


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Happy New Year!!!

Drunk Penguin
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Hi there.  I still have no computer and no prospects in sight.  I have priced some at Best Buy, and it will take me around 6 months to save for one at my current financial rate
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I recommend not ever watching Leaving Las Vegas with Nicholas Cage.  I fast forward most of it.  It was that bad.

I finished last night Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I wanted to know what all the fuss was about so I picked it up from the library.  omg, it was awesome!  I couldn't put it down to shower or anything until I had reached the end.  Jules asked me if I'm on the Peeta team or the Gale team.  *sigh*  even here there are teams?  At this point since most of the first book covered Peeta more I'm for him, but I hold that opinion until I finish the next two.  Can't want to read them! 

And here is a fantastic fantasy map from that I put for my wallpaper background.

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Phrase for the day:

I'll have to think twice about it before I give it a second thought.

On Scribd I have 5618 Reads, 53 Uploads, and 48 followers.  25 of my uploads are over 100 reads each with Black Holes at 333 (Book Reports!!)  My Ageless Battle poem was given 5 stars 3 times.

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The bridge over Hoover Dam is completed.  It had a budget of $240 million, the arch span is 1,060 feet long, the bridge is 1,900 feet long, the bridge deck and sidewalk is located approximately 900 feet above the Colorado River, and the bridge is located approximately 1,500 feet south of the Hoover Dam. It took 5 years and 21,000 workers to build it. 

I drove over it yesterday just for the experience. It was amazing to watch it being built.  It made me dizzy to look up at it but the actual drive across I was a bit let down.  It does save a large amount of driving time but all I saw while on it were two high walls and the top of some mountains then I was over.  If you're in a hurry take the bridge but if you want a view go over the dam.

Once across I was in Arizona so I kept going and had lunch in Kingman.  I then paid some property taxes and drove back.  Coming back I noticed the walkway which is only accessible by going down towards the dam then walking up.  I'll have to try that sometime.

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Airborn By Kenneth Oppel

Omg, people!  I love this book!  Airborn by Kenneth Oppel.  I was captivated from page one and must need more.  Highly recommended.

Matt Cruse is a cabin boy on the Aurora, a huge airship that sails hundreds of feet above the ocean, ferrying wealthy passengers from city to city. It is the life Matt's always wanted; convinced he's lighter than air, he imagines himself as buoyant as the hydrium gas that powers his ship. One night he meets a dying balloonist who speaks of beautiful creatures drifting through the skies. It is only after Matt meets the balloonist's granddaughter that he realizes that the man's ravings may, in fact, have been true, and that the creatures are completely real and utterly mysterious.
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So, last night...Jes needed to make an Australian dish for class.  He picked one off the internet and asked for my help.  This is the strangest recipe I ever saw. It's called the Wagon Wheel. There were no measurements of any kind, and we had to keep guessing. 

Jam   (we ended up using 12oz of Strawberry jam)
Milk chocolate (we used 240z choc chips)
Marshmallows (used 8oz minis)
Butter (one stick but it ended up being too much so maybe 1/2 stick)
Shortbread biscuits (one 13 oz package)
Step one: All good confectionary Pimps begin with the melting of the chocolate. Melting complete, the chocolate is poured into the baking dish and sent to chill in the freezer. (used a 9 inch round cake pan sprayed with cooking spray)
Step two: Show no mercy to the shortbread shorties… pulverise 'em and chuck in a mighty amount of melted butter, which, like the Force, binds the galaxy together.
Step three: The chocolate makes it out of the cooler and has a liberal layer of the biscuit mix piled on top. Precision here is key, the 5mm gap around the edge is vital. Once done, the dish is back in the freezer.
Step four: Stop! Mallow time! A bag of marshmallows is blasted in the micro until it has the consistency (and temperature) of molten lead and is then spooned on top of the biscuit base.
Step five: This is Jam Hot! Microwaved jam (like fruit-based napalm) is applied skilfully on top of the marshmallow.
Step six: We got a jam sandwich goin' on. The second layer of marshmallow is added.
Step seven: Pile on the rest of the biscuit mix.
Step eight: The whole thing is topped off with more chocolate to seal and then chilled again to set.
( I chilled overnite then used a knife to loosen along the edges and it just fell out when turned upside down.  It turned out really well but was a huge gooby gooey mess to make.I love how it said to skillfully apply the jam and melt like molten lead.  Never melted lead. Now mind I had to guess at how much to use but it seemed to work.  And of course, No Calories.  :{)  kidding)

Today is:
National Teacher Day
Respect for Chickens Day
Star Wars Day

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If only life was this hard: 

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What matters it what went before or after,
Now with myself I will begin and end.

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This is one long day. It should be afternoon by now.
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I'm not sure to keep this or not since I haven't done a darn thing on it and nobody reads it anyhoo. Somehow I got on too many lists and websites, and there's no way to remember all my passwords. I had to write them done and doing so pretty much deletes the purpose of having a password. There's only so much time under the sun or hiding in the dark to accomplish anything and adding more interests makes it too hard to keep up. I have in my favorites a gazillion stories to read plus my current count of twenty-two books from the library plus my spring cleaning has been forced on me to start now plus all the driving in my present and future plus my greeks I will hold on for now since it won't hurt anything that I can see.


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